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Customising The Metasploit Console

I came across some interesting posts about this area and looked into it more (credit to and @egyp7). There is a nice way to customise the msf> console prompt to give you some extra info. For me having the local IP address is very useful, saves time later on when using LHOST etc. For example set PROMPT […]


A Windows 7 Workout

  Working on computers all day, its nice to get away from one and get to the gym…. well it seems gym equipment is just a computer too these days. The gym I go to has just got these cool new state of the art bikes in.. Handle bars that steer, brakes, gears etc and […]


Fun With WordPress Blog

It has been a while since I have posted or created any videos, so I thought would create a quick one relating to WordPress. It is not something you get to test much in the real world, but there are some useful tools out there. Nothing cutting edge or new about the contents, but some […]