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Pen Testing Scripts

It has been a long time since I have posted on the blog, I have been very busy! I have created quite a few new scripts over the last year that I have finally shared and also have updated a few. These typically are scripts I have made for specific jobs I have been to […]


ICMP Shell Fun

Every now and then you will be onsite and find a locked down environment and no outbound internet access or DNS from the client systems, but the client systems can ping outbound to the internet. I haven’t up until now needed to do much with ICMP on jobs, as normally there are other ways out. But on a recent internal job […]


AV0id – Anti-Virus Bypass Metasploit Payload Generator Script

Introducing a simple script I have created to bypass most Anti-Virus products. This script is based on scripts I used whilst attempted to avoid A.V,  credit to all authors of the mentioned scripts below for their research and work. This was just a very quick script I put together to make life a bit easier. […]


Ipad Extra Screen

Whilst working onsite today I was rather jealous of a colleague who had a nice fold flat USB external LCD for his laptop. It is always tricky when onsite and have multiple windows open or reading/writing reports etc so this looked like a great idea. I thought I will order one of those, then I remembered I […]


LazyMap – Lazy Nmap Scanning Script

Introducing LazyMap, a new script I have been working on. What does it do? It is simply a bash script that automates the NMAP tool to assist with internal network scans. Why use it? For anyone who has worked in a cold data centre will appreciate that running NMAP over many VLANs with cold hands […]


Mobile Phone Signal Boost – Three

A non security related post, but it might help others. I am currently with the Three network provider for my phone. I get a good 3G signal, but really struggle with signal in my house for txts and calls. Normally I will either have 1 signal bar or no signal at all. I was aware […]


Unquoted Service Paths

I have been playing with unquoted service paths/trusted paths the last few days and thought would write something up. Credit to Gavin Jones who introduced me to this issue, which to be honest I hadn’t heard of before and I  normally only checked cacls and permissions of services. What is the issue? Basically it is related to the path […]


Rural Broadband Vs 3G

I thought I would share a very cool device which really has improved my internet speeds. It is not security related, but often I post about things that I come across that are good. I live in quite a rural location and I am a long distance from the local B.T telco phone exchange and there no […]


Wireless Password Cracking With Cloud Clusters

Recently I have been a bit frustrated with cracking wireless keys and was looking for better ways to improve the speed. I decided to setup a Amazon Ec2 cluster to give that a go at cracking WPA handshakes and also to improve general password cracking with John the Ripper. It can be quite annoying gaining […]


Cisc0wn – Cisco SNMP Script

I have created a new script that you might find useful. Cisc0wn is simply a bash script that pulls various tools and enumeration into one simple command for ease, so is not really a tool in itself. It doesn’t do anything extra than you can’t really already do, it just saves running several different tools […]