August 2013 – Joined Info-Assure Ltd





Joined Info-Assure Ltd as a principal penetration tester.


August 2011 – Passed CREST CCT  ICE (Infrastructure) Exam

June 2012 – NGS Secure all re branded under the one NCC Group Name. Same companies/testers, one name.

March 2012 – Nice to be mentioned at BlackHat Eu 2012 in a presentation – thanks Ben!

Check out Ben Williams presentation here.

November 2011

Joing NGS Secure (NCC Group)

I am very proud to have joined NGS Secure as a penetration tester.






October 2010

Penetration Testing IT Security Knowledge Share Evening

I recently gave a talk at a pen testing event in London. This was a security awareness event hosted by 7Safe. This was to a mixed audience of technical and non technical. I demonstrated the latest client side exploits, followed by a pivot attack going deep into the network and compromising the domain controller and also extracting credit card PANS. The video can be viewed below.

(Me in the middle)


November 2010 – Passed CREST CRT (Certified Regisiter Tester) Exam



November 2010– Article I wrote published online – Top 5 Internal Hacking Issues Article on the FAST (Federation Against Software Theft) website.

Click HERE to download the article in PDF, or visit the following URL.