I came across something very cool today for Metasploit. Armitage has released a very nice gui management system to control Metasploit and make life easier to manage to exploit systems.

Although I like to use non gui products, this is really something good and is like an open source Core Impact style system. It allows you to scan with NMAP or import NMAP results and then exploit. The best part is you can one click to setup pivot attacks, gain a VNC connection, dump hashes and browse files. These are all things you can do in Metasploit anyway and the software is just controlling Metasploit for you, you still need Metasploit open.

But It does look really good and I will take a look in more depth soon. One thing I do like is it stores the hashes from various hosts, so you can then right click another host and “pass the hash” and select which set to test. As I said before this can all be done anyway using psexec in Metasploit, but it does make life easier for people who struggle with Metasploit commands.

Screen shots:


Be sure to take a look at http://www.fastandeasyhacking.com

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