I came across some interesting posts about this area and looked into it more (credit to room362.com and @egyp7).

There is a nice way to customise the msf> console prompt to give you some extra info. For me having the local IP address is very useful, saves time later on when using LHOST etc.

For example set PROMPT %L sets the msf > to the local IP address.

You can add colours and various options as well.

For example set PROMPT %red%L %yel:) sets it to the below.


Other options can include the hostname, time and custom txt, sessions, jobs etc.

For this to load up each time you run msfconsole you can add this into ~/.msf3/msfconsole.rc (if does not exist just create it). for me this did not work so I just save the setg command “setg PROMPT %L“, then save which done the job.

You can also automatically set the console logging option in this file or via setg. for those who do not know you can use spool /tmp/log.txt and this will output all console command results into the log. For anyone who has ever run hashdump on a DC, you will know why this is useful. Personally I only run spool as and when I need it, then turn it off again spool off.


Something else quite funny I stumbled across and thought would share was Metasploit sounds. Personally I wouldn’t ever use this on live jobs, but funny for some CTF group sessions perhaps.

load sounds verbose=true

Again you can set this to auto load on start-up. I wouldn’t recommend this as you will probably forget and go to a client and it runs.

A quick and nasty video can be seen below. (sorry for bad sound quality..limited time at mo).

Metasploit Sounds


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