Whilst working onsite today I was rather jealous of a colleague who had a nice fold flat USB external LCD for his laptop.

It is always tricky when onsite and have multiple windows open or reading/writing reports etc so this looked like a great idea. I thought I will order one of those, then I remembered I had seen a cool little app on Itunes recently and thought I could perhaps use my Ipad as the extra screen.

Here is the result 🙂 – I have a wireless external extra screen now where I can chuck things out of the way whilst testing and gives me a bit more usable space. Great if you have a brute force script running and just want to keep an eye on it.


It requires the AirDisplay app which is £6.99 from Itunes – Info here: http://avatron.com/apps/air-display

Works on the Iphone and Ipad  – although would be way too small on the Iphone.

It works over Wifi (does not work over USB). So you need to be on the same network, or just create a Ad Hoc network. You install the app onto your PC or MAC and load the app on the Ipad. Then just connect and it works, you can adjust the alignments etc too. You can use it to extend your Windows workspace or to mirror the display.

I had to turn off the Retina option as was at a crazy resolution and way too small.


The rotate function works as normal on the Ipad and you can use the touch screen too.




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