A non security related post, but it might help others.

I am currently with the Three network provider for my phone. I get a good 3G signal, but really struggle with signal in my house for txts and calls. Normally I will either have 1 signal bar or no signal at all.

I was aware companies like Vodafone sell boxes to enhance the signals at home, but I didn’t realise Three also had such a device. E.E have UMA over WIFI and other vendors have boxes you need to buy.

Three have a box call the “Home Signal” which plugs into your broadband and boosts your signal in the home. It basically connects out to Three over the internet and uses Voip to serve the calls/txt etc.

Three do not seem to advertise this box too much and as i discovered if you call them and complain about the signal strength and request a home signal box they will post you one out for free 🙂 – these boxes are around £110 each.

Really impressed with this box and if anyone has the same issues give them a call.

It only works with Three Sims and you have to to register which mobiles will connect and use it. I think it is 32 numbers you can register and only 4 at once can use it. You need at least 1Mb of broadband for it to work also. Make sure you say you have normal fixed line broadband, otherwise you will not get one. I actually use a separate unlimited Three 3G sim in a 3G router for my internet and it works fine.






The home signal only comes with a hard wired ethernet port, ideally you want the box in the center of your home and as high as possible. I have converted my box to Wifi so I can place this in a better location away from my hard wired router using one of these Wifi devices. They about about £20 and very useful – I use them for Sky and my TVs also.





Find more information from Three here:





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